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The User Data Tool V2

The User Data Tool is the bridge your data would use to get from your old phone system to your new VoIP/IPT system.


Key Benefits Include:

Features Include

Produces output files ready to upload to your new system.

Output files can be CSV, TXT, XML and formatted exactly as your new system needs to receive them,

Reduces error-prone hand typing,

Not tied to one vendor or system,

Scans data for errors which may not even be feasible manually:


Custom fields can be incorporated for your special requirements.

Our processes are safe for PII data.

We provide the Excel template for user representatives to fill with the users' details or we can take the output from whatever approach you are using to collect the user data.


Please get in touch to find out more and how we can help you.


What is User Data?

The user data is the names and phone numbers of the people who need telephone service. You would normally also need to collect some of the following: type of phone, desk location, email address, Windows User ID, special requirements, etc.

Why not use the data from the old system?

Replacing one system with another is a good opportunity to clean the data. Some PBXs have been in service for many years and may have many more live ports than are actually needed - 200% is not unheard of.

If you do use the data from your existing system it won't be formatted for the new system - and we can bridge that gap for you.

Why is this a big deal?

Although everyone has a mobile phone these days most organisations have some landline phones that are critical to their business. These may be for answering sales calls, part of a production process in factories or required for health & safety reasons.

It can also be embarrassing for the project team if  phone numbers are in the wrong places.

It is also surprising how challenging it can be to gather good quality user data.